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10:53pm February 1st]

terrible singer!
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11:13pm May 27th]

17 American idol (16 Elliott 1 Kelly Clarkson)
5 High School Musical

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9:15pm May 23rd]

this is it! tomorrow we will know! im crossing my fingers for taylor. and of course voting.

this is our last week of voting... POLL!
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9:16pm May 16th]

was anyone as shocked as i was last week that chris got voted off? does anybody think that all the hype got to his head and he himself thought he would win? i mean did you SEE his face last week??

and as always this week's POLL!... one of the last few.
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11:44pm May 10th]

oh my god.

i did not see that one coming at all.

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10:22pm May 9th]

im a little late this evening and a little tired. now that paris is gone too i really dont have a fav. but i would like to see elliot take this whole thing home.

and as always this week's poll, only a couple more weeks left!
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Top 5 Review [Wednesday
4:30pm May 3rd]

[ mood | calm ]

Last night Ryan told us that each contestant would be singing not 1 but 2 songs. Double the torture, double the fun I always say. The downside of this change in the show’s format would be the fact that we wouldn’t treated to a clip involving a famous has been who has a new CD out. Instead we’d have the pleasure of hearing about the years the contestants were born in and the Billboard charts.

Elliott kicked off the show with George Benson’s “On Broadway” from the year 1978. The beginning was a little on the rough side but once he got into it, it got good. It wasn’t one of Elliott’s best performances but it had its moments. One thing Elliott does need though is a choreographer, maybe Paula will be willing to help him out the next time she’s sober. Randy said that it started out rough but towards the end it was okay. Paula loved the ending and loves Elliott’s voice. Simon thought it was a bit disjointed and not one of his best.

Paris came out next and revealed that she had chosen Prince’s 1988 hit “Kiss.” From the beginning I could tell it wasn’t going to be one of Paris’ showstopper vocals. The performance was fun and she connected with the audience but it was definitely one of Paris’ worst performances. There were just way too many notes that were hard to listen to. Randy liked to see her have fun and be young. Paula likes it when Paris sings older songs. Simon called the performance screechy and annoying.

Chris went with “Renegade” by Styx for his birth year. When I heard the first 15 seconds I was thinking it could be really good but after the 16th second I realized I was wrong. There was way too much screaming and what I will from here on out refer to as goat notes for my liking. It was the same old thing from Chris, lots of belting and screaming and not a whole lot of actually singing. The judges however weren’t even reading the same book as me. Randy said it was a real hot one. Paula said it was awesome and that she loves him. Simon thought it was a great song choice.

Katharine chose Phil Collins “Against All Odds” which is way too overdone but she chose it anyways. I already wasn’t looking forward to the performance because of the song choice but the 1st note made the whole situation even worse. It was an absolute mess; she actually made me want to rip my ears off. I never thought I’d use the phrase excruciatingly painful to listen to when describing one of Katharine’s performances but the performance definitely calls for it. It was all kinds of bad. Randy thought there were some problems and that it was just okay. Paula didn’t love it. Simon thought it was a mess and felt it was not one of her better performances.

Taylor’s choice was “Play That Funky Music.” I personally loved it. It was the perfect song choice and the perfect balance of crazy Taylor and great vocals. It was very fun and I really enjoyed watching and listening to it. Randy thought it was funky. Paula absolutely loved it and called it authentic Taylor. Simon thought it was a horrible, horrible wedding performance.

Elliott then came back out sing his choice of Michael Buble’s hit “Home.” I liked it much better than Elliott’s 1st performance. I mean his “On Broadway” was good but this was just in a different category, it was awesome. His voice is so smooth and wonderful; you can’t help but love it. I’m sincerely hoping the voters see this guy’s talent and don’t let him go home. Randy loved seeing a tender side of Elliott. Paula loved hearing the richness in his voice. Simon didn’t think the song was good lyrically what with the words “I wanna go home.”

Paris’ second choice was Mary J Blige’s “Be Without You.” I loved it from the very first note; it was a huge improvement upon her “Kiss” performance. It was the Paris with the big voice, the one who can really sell a song that I’m so used to seeing back in action. It showed her real vocal talent, it was awesome. Randy said she rocked it. Paula loves her voice. Simon thought she did rather well.

Chris went with Shinedown’s “I Dare You” for his second performance. With each performance by Chris I grow more and more convinced that he accidentally swallowed a goat in the past. Again he came out with the over the top belting, screaming and bleating like a joke and for the second time I wanted to rip my ears off. To make matters worse he almost lost his voice in the end and was struggling to shout. Randy thought it was just alright. Paula thought it probably wasn’t a good song choice. Simon said his voice really sounded like it was going to give out.

Katharine’s choice for round 2 was KT Tunstall’s “Black Horse & The Cherry Tree.” She really had to come out and do something awesome to make up for her train wreck in the first half and luckily she did. It was awesome; I absolutely loved watching and listening to her performance. It’s a great song and she definitely did it justice. It was a very cool performance and she sung the song very well. Randy said that it was the Katharine he loves. Paula loved the choreography. Simon preferred it to the first song because it was younger and she showed more personality.

Taylor closed the show with the Beatles hit “Something” which I found to be totally bizarre considering they were supposed to be singing the hits of today. The vocals were great though and it was very cool and subdued. It was nice to see most of the contestants come out with two different types of songs and show what they can do. I liked it but I definitely preferred his 1st performance. Randy liked the Beatles vibe. Paula liked that he didn’t over sing it. Simon didn’t see how the song fit the theme but he called Taylor and very, very good singer.

Overall it was a 50/50 night, half good, half bad. I quite liked a few of the performances but there were also performances I despised. Based solely on the performances from last night I’d say the bottom 2 should be Katharine and Chris but will be Katharine and Paris. In any case it’s Paris time to go so it really didn’t matter who did well and who butchered what last night.

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11:37pm May 2nd]

ok so since i got a new job ive been working nights which means i have to miss AI :(. so ima miss tonites and tomorrow nites episode. so i have no opinions on whos gonna go and whos gonna stay. but i would like to hear everyone elses opinion on tonites show. is your favorite still your favorite? how well did they do this week? were there any people who you thought would have done horribly and did good? etc. etc. etc.

and as always, this week's POLL!!
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Top 6 review/recap [Wednesday
4:17pm April 26th]

[ mood | blah ]

 I'm back with my weekly review/recap of last night's episode of American Idol 5, enjoy.    
    Just in case you were worried I can now confirm after watching AI last night that Andrea Bocelli is alive and well. How do I know this? But of course, the wonderful “look it’s a famous singer” clip featured him last night on American Idol. Oh and David Foster, you know the 14 time Grammy winning song writer is alive too. With all that said, I’ll get on with the review.


            Katharine sang the words “I Have Nothing” but I refuse to believe that because the girl has definitely got some talent. Vocally it wasn’t her best performance but it wasn’t too bad. It was different from Whitney’s version so I enjoyed hearing the song more because of that. The performance aspect was amazing, she worked the stage and I loved it. I don’t have anything nice to say about her dress though. Honey, canary yellow isn’t your colour, but hey it isn’t really anybody’s colour. Oh and in case you’re wondering, yes daddy McPhee cried again. Randy said it was a good song choice but the song was too big for her, which to me personally sounds contradictory but I won’t dare correct the master of the English language. Paula said she looked stunning but there were pitch problems and she felt that Katharine over sang. Simon said she’s not as good as Whitney Houston and that the performance was old fashion and cabaret.


            Elliott chose “A Song for You” by Donnie Hathaway whose daughter Kenya is apparently one of the back up singers on AI. The arrangement was absolutely bizarre, it was too much and too weird. The performance however was great and more than made up for the arrangement. The vocals were seriously amazing. I don’t see why Elliott is still a dark horse in this competition; he should be a front runner for sure. Randy hated the arrangement but thought he was dope and the bomb. Paula cried and rambled incoherently, but I’m pretty sure she liked it. Simon said that parts of the vocal were superb.


            Kellie chose “Unchained Melody” and after her performance it’s clear to me why the melody wanted to be unchained. The performance was absolutely horrendous. The vocals were all over the place, so absolutely butchered the song. If Katharine is no Whitney, Kellie certainly ain’t no LeAnn Rimes. She hit the one high note David Foster showed her but that’s about it. It was pretty painful to listen to; I wanted to cry at parts. Randy said there were lots of pitch problems. Paula didn’t see greatness in her performance. Simon thought it was never going to end and called it monotonous and bland.


            Paris chose “Memories” to show off her singing chops last night. The vocal was pretty good but the performance was just okay. For me personally it was very boring and didn’t entertain me in the slightest. It also felt like she was shouting some parts of the song and well that’s never good. One more strike against Paris would be the evident fact that she’s hard to connect with since she changes each week. I can see her going home this week even though she’s one of the better vocalists. Randy liked it but didn’t think it was perfect. Paula felt like she over sang. Simon thought it was too old fashioned.


            Taylor sang “Just Once” and quite frankly I’m glad we only had to hear him sing just once. It was by far his worst performance of the competition. It was boring and lifeless and the vocals were way off. For the first time for me it was actually painful to listen to Taylor sing. I wanted it to end as soon as it started. Randy thought it was the wrong song. Paula said something about sides and never really assessed the performance. Simon said he looked uptight and that you can hear performances like that in hotels every night.


            Chris asked “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman” and the whole thing was too weird for words. I mean his expressions were just so inappropriate for performing a love song. I could barely stand to watch him what with the bulging head vain and the death glare he gave to the camera. To top it all off he actually screamed the lyrics “hold her tight, a little tenderness, treat her right.” By most people the performance will probably be considered one of the better ones of the night because of all the lackluster performances but it was truly bizarre. Chris and his goat vibrato need to really work out how to perform different types of songs.


            Overall it wasn’t a great week; I wasn’t feeling the love for the love songs. The best performances came from Elliott and Katharine and the worst were definitely Kellie and Taylor. Kellie should go home but I have a feeling Paris will be the one sent packing. I predict the bottom three to consist of the ladies.

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9:19pm April 25th]

has anyone noticed that katharine looks like crap when she's doing her interviews?Collapse )

and like every week this week's POLL!!
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9:24pm April 18th]

and i think to myself... what a wonderful world...Collapse )
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Top 8 review/recap [Wednesday
2:37pm April 12th]


Once again there was no long winded intro to the show from Ryan Seacrest. However to make up for this terribly upsetting thing we got many, many cheesy puns courtesy of Ryan during the "OMG it's Queen" clip. I didn't think anyone but me could make that many bad song puns in one night. Enough about how lucky we all are to have Ryan, on to what went down when the Top 8 took on Queen.

Bucky loves him some "Fat Bottomed Girls" so last night he decided to do a tribute to them. Not the best vocal performance on Bucky's part but it was enjoyable. Bucky picks the right songs every week and knows how to perform. He interacts with the camera and the audience perfectly and I love it. The Boesque ending was a little too much for me but overall it was good. Randy liked it and thought it was rockin' country. Paula said it was great. Simon said it was a good song choice but also felt the performance was only mediocre.

Ace chose "We Will Rock You" to well rock to last night. The performance was so bad it's almost hard to find words to describe it. It was almost like watching roadkill be run over, repeatedly with an SVU. Just when I thought "Drops of Jupiter" was going to stay at while at #1 on the worst american idol performances ever list, Ace comes out this this gem. I've never been more disturbed in my life. If you haven't got the picture yet, it was horrible. Randy said it was only about a 5 or 6 and called it just alright kareoke. To no one's shock Paula made an idiotic, uninformed comment and then said Ace took a risk. Simon said it was a complete and utter mess, and honestly I feel like he was being generous with that comment. Ace thought he rocked and said he felt good all the way through.

Kellie just killed a song, took a knife to it's chorus and tore it to shreds. Yes thats right, Kellie sung, or murdered rather the legendary "Bohemian Rhapsody." I would say that it was flatter than paper but I doubt she'd understand. Maybe the word bad would be better to describe the performance, you know a simple but effective 3 letter word. Let's just say if Freddie Mercury wasn't rolling in his grave last night he'd want to stone her and spit in her eye. Like the song says though, nothing really matters to her, she can be as bad as she likes and people will still vote for her. Randy was worried about her song choice but thought she did well. Paula said she showed the rocker chick in her. Simon said that on paper that performance should have been hideous-which of course with a big word like paper in the sentence Kellie didn't understand the comment.

Chris chose "Innuendo" a song that Queen never performs live. Leave it to Chris to make the safe choice of chosing an unknown song by a legendary band, afraid of a little comparison I take it. Once again it was the same old thing from Chris, I'm honestly at a loss for words. He screamed at me and I hated it but I can't say it was horrible. Chris' performances are way too much about him, he doesn't interact with the audience and he's as boring as a rock. AI is about being versatile and showing all that you can do. So far pretty much every week Chris has showed the audience the same thing. We already know he can scream and be a rocker, but is that it? Randy said he delivered. Paula drolled and made a ludacris claim that Queen is afraid to sing one of their own songs live and that Chris is the only person who could ever pull it off. Simon didn't think the song was good and once again felt Chris' performance was indulgent.

Katharine changed her song from "Don't Stop Me Now" to "Who Wants to Live Forever" and hoped the switch would pay off. There was a few more rough notes than I'm used to in Katharine's performances but for the most part she pulled it off. I think it was a good choice because she did an upbeat song and ran around the stage last week and this week she made it all about her beautiful voice. I personally really liked it, but I wouldn't call it the best performance of the night. Randy said it was a little pitchy but she did a good job. Paula said she did a great job and can handle a big song like that. Simon said it was one of the strongest performances of the night, minus a few tuning problems.

Elliott wanted to find "Somebody to Love" last night and I'm with that sulty, wonderful voice he'll have no problem doing that. I love Elliott's voice everytime he opens his mouth to sing and there was no change this week. It wasn't Elliott's best performance but he picked a tough song and he worked it out. Randy said it was really good despite being a little pitchy at times. Paula loved it and thought it was the best vocal of the night. Simon said overall he pulled it off.

Taylor chose to sing about a "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." It was definately better vocally than last week but still not his best. The performance was a bit too crazy for me personally but I know there are tons of people who love Taylor's wacky style. Not the best of the night but definately not even close to being the worst. Randy said that Taylor is back and that it was hot. Paula said it was authentic Taylor. Simon asked if Taylor was drunk and called the performance ridiculous.

As always "The Show Must Go On" and it did go on and ended up with Paris singing this song. For me it the Paris that auditioned for American Idol was back. Everything about the performance was right, from the vocals to the outfit. She worked the stage and it was amazing. Definately the best performance of the night, it was a perfect end to the show. Randy said it was rough in the middle but she worked it out. Paula said keep on rocking. Simon found it all a little weird.

Overall the best 3 were definately Paris, Elliott and Katharine, they all sang and performed well. The worst without a doubt were Ace and Kellie. They don't even need a bottom 3 tonight, those two were just awful. Unfortunately Kellie's not going anywhere near the bottom 3 yet again. The bottom 3 will probably be Ace, Bucky and either Katharine or Elliott with Ace going home.

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9:17pm April 11th]

long live [the] QUEEN!Collapse )

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Top 9 review/recap [Wednesday
4:22pm April 5th]


Since the show no longer has long drawn out intros neither do my reviews. I will however inform you that Kenny Rogers is still alive and with all his talk about storytelling and journeys I figure he's taking over Ryan's job of writing the winner's single.

Taylor Hicks chose "Take Me Home Country Roads" to show his country side. Unfortunately his country side isn't his best side. He looked like he was sucking on a lemon. The whole performance was awkward and uncomfortable and the vocals lacked. The usually fun, upbeat Taylor was a little too boring this week. Randy felt it was just okay vocally. Paula didn't see him shine like he usually does. Simon felt it was safe, boring and lazy.

Mandisa chose to take on the queen of country Shania singing her hit "Any Man of Mine" last night. This is the second week in a row Mandisa hasn't impressed me. The beginning was very rough almost painful to listen to and even when she got into the song it wasn't that good. I thought it was a very odd song choice for her, I didn't like anything about the performance. Randy thought the beginning was not hot, he only liked the last 4 bars. Paula expressed her disdain for Randy's comment and then rambled on about Mandisa's voice. Simon disliked the song.

Elliott Yamin chose Garth Brooks mega hit "If Tomorrow Never Comes". Not his best performance overall but it was still really good. His smooth, soulful voice is something I can't help be love and be impressed by everytime he opens his mouth to sing. The boy can definately sing, I loved it. Randy loves the song and said Elliott brought it. Paula adores Eliott and said he's like a breath of fresh air among her lengthy ramblings. Simon thought it was safe and hesitant but liked the song.

Paris Bennett apparently couldn't decide between a Trisha Yearwood song or a LeAnn Rimes one so she went with "How Do I Live". She stood there and just sang it and it was boring. It's like she ages 10 years every week, all her songs are too old for her. Watching Paris' performances is like watching a little girl play dressup with her moms old clothes and sing in front of the mirror and it's getting old. Randy thought the beginning was rough. Paula didn't think she connected with the song. Simon disagreed with Paula and thought it was very good, he said it reminded him of early Dionne Warwick.

Ace Young chose Keith Urban's "I Wanna Cry" and to be quite honest I want to cry when sometimes when I see Ace. The looks he gives the camera during every performance are just so disturbing and unecessary, sometimes I feel violated. Everything about him is cheesy, no song not done by a boyband sounds sincere coming from him. The performance was boring and he really needs to drop the falsetto. I apologize for not knowing exactly what the judges said about Ace, I fast forwarded through his entire performance and the judges comments when I rewatched the tape to make my notes and didn't realize it until I got down to typing my review. The judges did like the performance and the passion Ace showed.

Kellie Pickler chose Reba's "Fancy" to show us all once again that country is her thing. Unfortunately for her she's not too good at doing her thing. Granted she was better than usual vocally but it still wasn't up to par with the rest of the contestants, that is to say the rest of the contestants that are good. She's nowhere close to being good enough for Nashville, she's proved she's no Patsy Cline, Sarah Evans or Reba, she should quit while she's ahead. Randy said she was in her element and thought it was good. Paula thought it was a great night for her. Simon hated the song but liked the performance.

Chris Daughtry chose "Making Memories of Us" to show the audience something different. Why anyone would applaud him for stepping out of his comfort zone when forced to is beyond me. The song was boring and the vocals were average. There's not much else I can say about the performance. I'm basically indifferent about it, I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either. Randy really enjoyed it. Paula said he showed versatility. Simon thought the song was boring.

Katharine McPhee said that someone was "Bringing Out The Elvis" in her. Everything about the performance was hot. The vocals were sultry and wonderful. The outfit was nice and of course as always she looked smokin'. Needless to say I loved the performance. She can definately sing and she proves it time and time again. Randy liked it and said she sang it very nice. Paula brought out her favourite word niche for the first time this season and felt it was hot and sexy. Simon didn't know what to say, he thought the song was peculiar.

Bucky Covington went with Gary Allen's "Best I Ever Had" to show a softer side of his voice. The song was nice, the vocals were nice and the performance was nice. I didn't go wow, but I did like it. Country is obviously Bucky's thing and he does it well. Randy said he got it together. Paula said he was in his element. Simon thought it was just okay.

Again cuts don't seem to work for me with this community so if thise needs a cut I'd appreciate if a mod could fix it


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9:18pm April 4th]

did anybody see ace on half and half last nite?Collapse )

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american idol top 10 review [Wednesday
11:11am March 29th]


The Top 10 Butcher Songs of The 21st Century

First up was Lisa Tucker who oddly enough chose a hit song by previous Idol winner Kelly Clarkson. Since "Because of You" has been on repeat in Lisa's CD player for a while she decided she would treat us to the rendition she sings while dancing in front of her mirror with a hairbrush for a microphone. Unfortunately for us that rendition turned out to be all kinds of awful. The whole thing was dredful and excruciating to listen to. Lisa is usually just boring but this week she stepped it up a notch, she managed to be boring and horrible, wow. Randy thought it was just an okay version of the song. Paula even had a rough time commenting on the performance, it was just that bad. Simon hit the nail on the head when he said the song was too big for her voice and it was painful to listen to.

To no one's surprise Kellie Pickler chose a country song, one called "Suds in The Bucket" by Sarah Evans to be exact. To say the least I was unwhelmed. It actually saddens me that this girl can't even pull off a song in her chosen genre. She's definately no Sarah Evans. The performance was so bad that even Debbie Gibson hated it. Randy didn't think the song was exciting enough for her voice. Paula said that she's way better than that song. Simon also hated the song and went on about the song so not to have to trash the awful performance. I just have to say to the judges; it's not the song.

Ace Young loves the band Train so he decided to perform thier hit "Drops of Jupiter." I couldn't have been any more cheesy and disturbing, it almost brought me to tears it was so bad. The actions with the hair and the scar were just gross and uncalled for. The vocals were an absolute train wreck, no pun intended. The best part of the performance was actually seeing Rachel Stevens in the audience afterwards. Randy said the song choice was completely wrong and he didn't even sing it well. Paula apparently couldn't find the words to tell him he was horrible so she just gushed, as usual. Simon thought the vocal was very kareoke.

"Trouble" was Taylor Hicks choice this week to show off a more subdued Taylor. To be honest I quite enjoyed the more subdued Taylor. In the past his spazzy moments and jumping around have distracted me from his vocals. This week his vocals were awesome and it was really nice to see him just standing there, singing it. It wasn't Taylor's best performance but it was the best thing to hit the stage at that point. Randy was dissapointed by the song choice. Paula also loved that he just sang it. Simon quite liked it aside from the Aikenesque styling.

Mandisa chose a song by Mary Mary called "Shackles (Praise You)" to sing this week, since she sings it all the time in church. I own the album the song is off of and I think if Mandisa wanted to do the Christian R&B thing there are other songs she could have chosen that would have come off better. In spite of that Mandisa can sing and it was a good performance. I didn't think it was the best vocal Mandisa could have brought but she had the passion in the performance. Randy didn't like the song choice. Paula said there's a new religion and people are going to join the church of Mandisa. Simon felt it was indulgent simply implying that he doesn't get Christian music.

Chris Daughtry decided to go with Creed's "What If", which I'm sure shocked everyone in America considering it's a rock song and all. First off I think Creed is an awful band and found the choice to be totally bizzarre. If he was going to go with a Creed song there are definately better songs to showcase your vocals on. Everything about the performance was just too much. There was too much screaming for my liking. The vocals weren't even spot on, it was just bad. Chris still hasn't stepped out of the box I like to call a comfort zone. Please man, show some versatility just once. Randy said it wasn't his best vocal. Paula made a lame reference to Chris' song that didn't even make sense and then said she's his biggest fan or something. Simon thought he crossed a line and needs to show a different side of himself. Just a note to Chris, Kevin left last week, we don't need you to replace him as the one that back talks the judges.

Katharine McPhee is a huge Christina Aguleria fan so she chose Christina's "The Voice Within" to show off her voice. I was relieved when Katharine came on and my ears were as well, they'd had enough blood pouring out of them for one night. I liked the performance because Katharine can obviously sing but I did have a bit of an issue with the song choice. When you sing a Christina song you have to sing it absolutely flawless to even be considered anywhere near great. The vocal was good but it wasn't flawless and will most likely look not so great in comparision to Christina. Other than that I thought it was one of the best performances of the night. Randy is one of her biggest fans but felt she didn't bring anything new to the song. Paula wouldn't have changed a thing about the performance and she thought Christina would be proud. Simon thought it was the best so far and almost as good as Christina.

Bucky Covington brought us some more country with Tim McGraw's "Real Good Man" a song Bucky just really likes. I personally love when Bucky sings country, he just always sounds good. He's in his element and you can tell he loves being on that stage in his cowboy hat and boots singing a song he loves. I loved that not only did he do a country song but he took on Tim McGraw, good on him for sure. On a side note, cowboys are hot, I loved the hat. Randy thought it was the right kind of song. Paula of all people commented on Bucky's diction. Simon thought it was just okay, once again showing that he doesn't get country music, making his pimping of Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler all that more bizzarre.

Paris Bennett decided to take on Beyonce and sing her hit "Work It Out." The vocals were some of the best of the night but I can't say I loved the performance. There was something about it that was just bothersome. She tried to be young but somehow I don't think the song was written for a 16 year old. Still one of the best of the night. Randy deemed it a hot one. Paula said the Pussy Cat Dolls would be calling her soon. Simon thought it was too precocious and I had to agree.

Elliott Yamin wanted to do Gavin DeGraw's "I Don't Wanna Be" even though Bo did it last year, he wanted to do it differently. I personally love Gavin, love the song, loved Bo's version and adding to the list, I loved what Elliott did with it too. Elliott has that something you just have to love. He definately did the song justice. Randy said it was another hot one. Paula loved it and thought he made it his own. Awful dance moves aside Simon liked it and thought the vocal was awesome. 

Best: Elliott, Katharine & Taylor
Worst: Lisa, Ace and Kellie 
Eliminated: Lisa

note to the mods: I've been trying for two weeks to make cuts work and I'm not having any luck. If this needs a cut could you please fix it.

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9:03pm March 28th]

some spoilers might be behind this post. read at your own riskCollapse )

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8:07pm March 26th]

ok I need ur guys help. this is for simplepassion and I have to get 30 members or so to join the comm. SO JOIN!!!!! BUT pleaz write ur name (username@LJ) down as a comment to this post so I know who joined.



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10:04pm March 21st]

i actually thought kevin didnt do too bad?Collapse )

and... of course THIS WEEK'S POLL! this is also the qualifying/rules post for the little prize competition that im having so get out there and vote!
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24 Top 12 Icons [Sunday
8:10pm March 19th]


I got really bored this evening so I decided to make some icons of the Top 12 contestants on AI5, then I figured I might as well share.

Here they are...

96x96                      90x90

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