everyone's mad (lildafpunk) wrote in americanidol06,
everyone's mad

after last week, i have NO clue what to say. i was for sure that the bottom three was gonna be ace, katharine and bucky and it wasnt. and mandissa ended up going home. this week i thought ace did a pretty good job and chris was slipping and sliding all over the place. im just making sure i vote so that my grrl paris doesnt leave. how often is everyone voting? does anyone think the show is rigged? or is everyone just thinking that the person they think is good is getting the votes? one of the guys i work with LOVED mandissa, and i asked him this past week if he ever bothered to vote for her. his response was no hed never even thought that his vote would count/make that much of a difference. is that the common consensus?

the numbers are dwindling!! this week's POLL!
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