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Top 8 review/recap

Once again there was no long winded intro to the show from Ryan Seacrest. However to make up for this terribly upsetting thing we got many, many cheesy puns courtesy of Ryan during the "OMG it's Queen" clip. I didn't think anyone but me could make that many bad song puns in one night. Enough about how lucky we all are to have Ryan, on to what went down when the Top 8 took on Queen.

Bucky loves him some "Fat Bottomed Girls" so last night he decided to do a tribute to them. Not the best vocal performance on Bucky's part but it was enjoyable. Bucky picks the right songs every week and knows how to perform. He interacts with the camera and the audience perfectly and I love it. The Boesque ending was a little too much for me but overall it was good. Randy liked it and thought it was rockin' country. Paula said it was great. Simon said it was a good song choice but also felt the performance was only mediocre.

Ace chose "We Will Rock You" to well rock to last night. The performance was so bad it's almost hard to find words to describe it. It was almost like watching roadkill be run over, repeatedly with an SVU. Just when I thought "Drops of Jupiter" was going to stay at while at #1 on the worst american idol performances ever list, Ace comes out this this gem. I've never been more disturbed in my life. If you haven't got the picture yet, it was horrible. Randy said it was only about a 5 or 6 and called it just alright kareoke. To no one's shock Paula made an idiotic, uninformed comment and then said Ace took a risk. Simon said it was a complete and utter mess, and honestly I feel like he was being generous with that comment. Ace thought he rocked and said he felt good all the way through.

Kellie just killed a song, took a knife to it's chorus and tore it to shreds. Yes thats right, Kellie sung, or murdered rather the legendary "Bohemian Rhapsody." I would say that it was flatter than paper but I doubt she'd understand. Maybe the word bad would be better to describe the performance, you know a simple but effective 3 letter word. Let's just say if Freddie Mercury wasn't rolling in his grave last night he'd want to stone her and spit in her eye. Like the song says though, nothing really matters to her, she can be as bad as she likes and people will still vote for her. Randy was worried about her song choice but thought she did well. Paula said she showed the rocker chick in her. Simon said that on paper that performance should have been hideous-which of course with a big word like paper in the sentence Kellie didn't understand the comment.

Chris chose "Innuendo" a song that Queen never performs live. Leave it to Chris to make the safe choice of chosing an unknown song by a legendary band, afraid of a little comparison I take it. Once again it was the same old thing from Chris, I'm honestly at a loss for words. He screamed at me and I hated it but I can't say it was horrible. Chris' performances are way too much about him, he doesn't interact with the audience and he's as boring as a rock. AI is about being versatile and showing all that you can do. So far pretty much every week Chris has showed the audience the same thing. We already know he can scream and be a rocker, but is that it? Randy said he delivered. Paula drolled and made a ludacris claim that Queen is afraid to sing one of their own songs live and that Chris is the only person who could ever pull it off. Simon didn't think the song was good and once again felt Chris' performance was indulgent.

Katharine changed her song from "Don't Stop Me Now" to "Who Wants to Live Forever" and hoped the switch would pay off. There was a few more rough notes than I'm used to in Katharine's performances but for the most part she pulled it off. I think it was a good choice because she did an upbeat song and ran around the stage last week and this week she made it all about her beautiful voice. I personally really liked it, but I wouldn't call it the best performance of the night. Randy said it was a little pitchy but she did a good job. Paula said she did a great job and can handle a big song like that. Simon said it was one of the strongest performances of the night, minus a few tuning problems.

Elliott wanted to find "Somebody to Love" last night and I'm with that sulty, wonderful voice he'll have no problem doing that. I love Elliott's voice everytime he opens his mouth to sing and there was no change this week. It wasn't Elliott's best performance but he picked a tough song and he worked it out. Randy said it was really good despite being a little pitchy at times. Paula loved it and thought it was the best vocal of the night. Simon said overall he pulled it off.

Taylor chose to sing about a "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." It was definately better vocally than last week but still not his best. The performance was a bit too crazy for me personally but I know there are tons of people who love Taylor's wacky style. Not the best of the night but definately not even close to being the worst. Randy said that Taylor is back and that it was hot. Paula said it was authentic Taylor. Simon asked if Taylor was drunk and called the performance ridiculous.

As always "The Show Must Go On" and it did go on and ended up with Paris singing this song. For me it the Paris that auditioned for American Idol was back. Everything about the performance was right, from the vocals to the outfit. She worked the stage and it was amazing. Definately the best performance of the night, it was a perfect end to the show. Randy said it was rough in the middle but she worked it out. Paula said keep on rocking. Simon found it all a little weird.

Overall the best 3 were definately Paris, Elliott and Katharine, they all sang and performed well. The worst without a doubt were Ace and Kellie. They don't even need a bottom 3 tonight, those two were just awful. Unfortunately Kellie's not going anywhere near the bottom 3 yet again. The bottom 3 will probably be Ace, Bucky and either Katharine or Elliott with Ace going home.

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