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Top 5 Review

Last night Ryan told us that each contestant would be singing not 1 but 2 songs. Double the torture, double the fun I always say. The downside of this change in the show’s format would be the fact that we wouldn’t treated to a clip involving a famous has been who has a new CD out. Instead we’d have the pleasure of hearing about the years the contestants were born in and the Billboard charts.

Elliott kicked off the show with George Benson’s “On Broadway” from the year 1978. The beginning was a little on the rough side but once he got into it, it got good. It wasn’t one of Elliott’s best performances but it had its moments. One thing Elliott does need though is a choreographer, maybe Paula will be willing to help him out the next time she’s sober. Randy said that it started out rough but towards the end it was okay. Paula loved the ending and loves Elliott’s voice. Simon thought it was a bit disjointed and not one of his best.

Paris came out next and revealed that she had chosen Prince’s 1988 hit “Kiss.” From the beginning I could tell it wasn’t going to be one of Paris’ showstopper vocals. The performance was fun and she connected with the audience but it was definitely one of Paris’ worst performances. There were just way too many notes that were hard to listen to. Randy liked to see her have fun and be young. Paula likes it when Paris sings older songs. Simon called the performance screechy and annoying.

Chris went with “Renegade” by Styx for his birth year. When I heard the first 15 seconds I was thinking it could be really good but after the 16th second I realized I was wrong. There was way too much screaming and what I will from here on out refer to as goat notes for my liking. It was the same old thing from Chris, lots of belting and screaming and not a whole lot of actually singing. The judges however weren’t even reading the same book as me. Randy said it was a real hot one. Paula said it was awesome and that she loves him. Simon thought it was a great song choice.

Katharine chose Phil Collins “Against All Odds” which is way too overdone but she chose it anyways. I already wasn’t looking forward to the performance because of the song choice but the 1st note made the whole situation even worse. It was an absolute mess; she actually made me want to rip my ears off. I never thought I’d use the phrase excruciatingly painful to listen to when describing one of Katharine’s performances but the performance definitely calls for it. It was all kinds of bad. Randy thought there were some problems and that it was just okay. Paula didn’t love it. Simon thought it was a mess and felt it was not one of her better performances.

Taylor’s choice was “Play That Funky Music.” I personally loved it. It was the perfect song choice and the perfect balance of crazy Taylor and great vocals. It was very fun and I really enjoyed watching and listening to it. Randy thought it was funky. Paula absolutely loved it and called it authentic Taylor. Simon thought it was a horrible, horrible wedding performance.

Elliott then came back out sing his choice of Michael Buble’s hit “Home.” I liked it much better than Elliott’s 1st performance. I mean his “On Broadway” was good but this was just in a different category, it was awesome. His voice is so smooth and wonderful; you can’t help but love it. I’m sincerely hoping the voters see this guy’s talent and don’t let him go home. Randy loved seeing a tender side of Elliott. Paula loved hearing the richness in his voice. Simon didn’t think the song was good lyrically what with the words “I wanna go home.”

Paris’ second choice was Mary J Blige’s “Be Without You.” I loved it from the very first note; it was a huge improvement upon her “Kiss” performance. It was the Paris with the big voice, the one who can really sell a song that I’m so used to seeing back in action. It showed her real vocal talent, it was awesome. Randy said she rocked it. Paula loves her voice. Simon thought she did rather well.

Chris went with Shinedown’s “I Dare You” for his second performance. With each performance by Chris I grow more and more convinced that he accidentally swallowed a goat in the past. Again he came out with the over the top belting, screaming and bleating like a joke and for the second time I wanted to rip my ears off. To make matters worse he almost lost his voice in the end and was struggling to shout. Randy thought it was just alright. Paula thought it probably wasn’t a good song choice. Simon said his voice really sounded like it was going to give out.

Katharine’s choice for round 2 was KT Tunstall’s “Black Horse & The Cherry Tree.” She really had to come out and do something awesome to make up for her train wreck in the first half and luckily she did. It was awesome; I absolutely loved watching and listening to her performance. It’s a great song and she definitely did it justice. It was a very cool performance and she sung the song very well. Randy said that it was the Katharine he loves. Paula loved the choreography. Simon preferred it to the first song because it was younger and she showed more personality.

Taylor closed the show with the Beatles hit “Something” which I found to be totally bizarre considering they were supposed to be singing the hits of today. The vocals were great though and it was very cool and subdued. It was nice to see most of the contestants come out with two different types of songs and show what they can do. I liked it but I definitely preferred his 1st performance. Randy liked the Beatles vibe. Paula liked that he didn’t over sing it. Simon didn’t see how the song fit the theme but he called Taylor and very, very good singer.

Overall it was a 50/50 night, half good, half bad. I quite liked a few of the performances but there were also performances I despised. Based solely on the performances from last night I’d say the bottom 2 should be Katharine and Chris but will be Katharine and Paris. In any case it’s Paris time to go so it really didn’t matter who did well and who butchered what last night.
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