everyone's mad (lildafpunk) wrote in americanidol06,
everyone's mad

lisa was first cos she's gonna be the first one to leave. did anybody feel that? she was horrible this week and this was the week where she coulda really stepped up and said i deserve to be here. she failed miserably. i think simon was right about alot of things tonite. mandissa and chris were self indulgent in song choices and FINALLY someone tells chris that he's gotta step outside of his box and show something else besides his rock side. i thought paris did alright. i love her and i thought beyonce was a good song choice but simon was right it did look like she was singing into her mirror at home. ace was eh. wouldnt be surprised if he ends up in the bottom 3 again.

in other news. I LOVED taylor's performance. loved it. i liked that he didnt flail about like a chicken with its head cut off.

THIS WEEKS POLL! have fun!
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