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Top 9 review/recap

Since the show no longer has long drawn out intros neither do my reviews. I will however inform you that Kenny Rogers is still alive and with all his talk about storytelling and journeys I figure he's taking over Ryan's job of writing the winner's single.

Taylor Hicks chose "Take Me Home Country Roads" to show his country side. Unfortunately his country side isn't his best side. He looked like he was sucking on a lemon. The whole performance was awkward and uncomfortable and the vocals lacked. The usually fun, upbeat Taylor was a little too boring this week. Randy felt it was just okay vocally. Paula didn't see him shine like he usually does. Simon felt it was safe, boring and lazy.

Mandisa chose to take on the queen of country Shania singing her hit "Any Man of Mine" last night. This is the second week in a row Mandisa hasn't impressed me. The beginning was very rough almost painful to listen to and even when she got into the song it wasn't that good. I thought it was a very odd song choice for her, I didn't like anything about the performance. Randy thought the beginning was not hot, he only liked the last 4 bars. Paula expressed her disdain for Randy's comment and then rambled on about Mandisa's voice. Simon disliked the song.

Elliott Yamin chose Garth Brooks mega hit "If Tomorrow Never Comes". Not his best performance overall but it was still really good. His smooth, soulful voice is something I can't help be love and be impressed by everytime he opens his mouth to sing. The boy can definately sing, I loved it. Randy loves the song and said Elliott brought it. Paula adores Eliott and said he's like a breath of fresh air among her lengthy ramblings. Simon thought it was safe and hesitant but liked the song.

Paris Bennett apparently couldn't decide between a Trisha Yearwood song or a LeAnn Rimes one so she went with "How Do I Live". She stood there and just sang it and it was boring. It's like she ages 10 years every week, all her songs are too old for her. Watching Paris' performances is like watching a little girl play dressup with her moms old clothes and sing in front of the mirror and it's getting old. Randy thought the beginning was rough. Paula didn't think she connected with the song. Simon disagreed with Paula and thought it was very good, he said it reminded him of early Dionne Warwick.

Ace Young chose Keith Urban's "I Wanna Cry" and to be quite honest I want to cry when sometimes when I see Ace. The looks he gives the camera during every performance are just so disturbing and unecessary, sometimes I feel violated. Everything about him is cheesy, no song not done by a boyband sounds sincere coming from him. The performance was boring and he really needs to drop the falsetto. I apologize for not knowing exactly what the judges said about Ace, I fast forwarded through his entire performance and the judges comments when I rewatched the tape to make my notes and didn't realize it until I got down to typing my review. The judges did like the performance and the passion Ace showed.

Kellie Pickler chose Reba's "Fancy" to show us all once again that country is her thing. Unfortunately for her she's not too good at doing her thing. Granted she was better than usual vocally but it still wasn't up to par with the rest of the contestants, that is to say the rest of the contestants that are good. She's nowhere close to being good enough for Nashville, she's proved she's no Patsy Cline, Sarah Evans or Reba, she should quit while she's ahead. Randy said she was in her element and thought it was good. Paula thought it was a great night for her. Simon hated the song but liked the performance.

Chris Daughtry chose "Making Memories of Us" to show the audience something different. Why anyone would applaud him for stepping out of his comfort zone when forced to is beyond me. The song was boring and the vocals were average. There's not much else I can say about the performance. I'm basically indifferent about it, I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either. Randy really enjoyed it. Paula said he showed versatility. Simon thought the song was boring.

Katharine McPhee said that someone was "Bringing Out The Elvis" in her. Everything about the performance was hot. The vocals were sultry and wonderful. The outfit was nice and of course as always she looked smokin'. Needless to say I loved the performance. She can definately sing and she proves it time and time again. Randy liked it and said she sang it very nice. Paula brought out her favourite word niche for the first time this season and felt it was hot and sexy. Simon didn't know what to say, he thought the song was peculiar.

Bucky Covington went with Gary Allen's "Best I Ever Had" to show a softer side of his voice. The song was nice, the vocals were nice and the performance was nice. I didn't go wow, but I did like it. Country is obviously Bucky's thing and he does it well. Randy said he got it together. Paula said he was in his element. Simon thought it was just okay.

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