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Top 6 review/recap

 I'm back with my weekly review/recap of last night's episode of American Idol 5, enjoy.    
    Just in case you were worried I can now confirm after watching AI last night that Andrea Bocelli is alive and well. How do I know this? But of course, the wonderful “look it’s a famous singer” clip featured him last night on American Idol. Oh and David Foster, you know the 14 time Grammy winning song writer is alive too. With all that said, I’ll get on with the review.


            Katharine sang the words “I Have Nothing” but I refuse to believe that because the girl has definitely got some talent. Vocally it wasn’t her best performance but it wasn’t too bad. It was different from Whitney’s version so I enjoyed hearing the song more because of that. The performance aspect was amazing, she worked the stage and I loved it. I don’t have anything nice to say about her dress though. Honey, canary yellow isn’t your colour, but hey it isn’t really anybody’s colour. Oh and in case you’re wondering, yes daddy McPhee cried again. Randy said it was a good song choice but the song was too big for her, which to me personally sounds contradictory but I won’t dare correct the master of the English language. Paula said she looked stunning but there were pitch problems and she felt that Katharine over sang. Simon said she’s not as good as Whitney Houston and that the performance was old fashion and cabaret.


            Elliott chose “A Song for You” by Donnie Hathaway whose daughter Kenya is apparently one of the back up singers on AI. The arrangement was absolutely bizarre, it was too much and too weird. The performance however was great and more than made up for the arrangement. The vocals were seriously amazing. I don’t see why Elliott is still a dark horse in this competition; he should be a front runner for sure. Randy hated the arrangement but thought he was dope and the bomb. Paula cried and rambled incoherently, but I’m pretty sure she liked it. Simon said that parts of the vocal were superb.


            Kellie chose “Unchained Melody” and after her performance it’s clear to me why the melody wanted to be unchained. The performance was absolutely horrendous. The vocals were all over the place, so absolutely butchered the song. If Katharine is no Whitney, Kellie certainly ain’t no LeAnn Rimes. She hit the one high note David Foster showed her but that’s about it. It was pretty painful to listen to; I wanted to cry at parts. Randy said there were lots of pitch problems. Paula didn’t see greatness in her performance. Simon thought it was never going to end and called it monotonous and bland.


            Paris chose “Memories” to show off her singing chops last night. The vocal was pretty good but the performance was just okay. For me personally it was very boring and didn’t entertain me in the slightest. It also felt like she was shouting some parts of the song and well that’s never good. One more strike against Paris would be the evident fact that she’s hard to connect with since she changes each week. I can see her going home this week even though she’s one of the better vocalists. Randy liked it but didn’t think it was perfect. Paula felt like she over sang. Simon thought it was too old fashioned.


            Taylor sang “Just Once” and quite frankly I’m glad we only had to hear him sing just once. It was by far his worst performance of the competition. It was boring and lifeless and the vocals were way off. For the first time for me it was actually painful to listen to Taylor sing. I wanted it to end as soon as it started. Randy thought it was the wrong song. Paula said something about sides and never really assessed the performance. Simon said he looked uptight and that you can hear performances like that in hotels every night.


            Chris asked “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman” and the whole thing was too weird for words. I mean his expressions were just so inappropriate for performing a love song. I could barely stand to watch him what with the bulging head vain and the death glare he gave to the camera. To top it all off he actually screamed the lyrics “hold her tight, a little tenderness, treat her right.” By most people the performance will probably be considered one of the better ones of the night because of all the lackluster performances but it was truly bizarre. Chris and his goat vibrato need to really work out how to perform different types of songs.


            Overall it wasn’t a great week; I wasn’t feeling the love for the love songs. The best performances came from Elliott and Katharine and the worst were definitely Kellie and Taylor. Kellie should go home but I have a feeling Paris will be the one sent packing. I predict the bottom three to consist of the ladies.

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