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american idol top 10 review

The Top 10 Butcher Songs of The 21st Century

First up was Lisa Tucker who oddly enough chose a hit song by previous Idol winner Kelly Clarkson. Since "Because of You" has been on repeat in Lisa's CD player for a while she decided she would treat us to the rendition she sings while dancing in front of her mirror with a hairbrush for a microphone. Unfortunately for us that rendition turned out to be all kinds of awful. The whole thing was dredful and excruciating to listen to. Lisa is usually just boring but this week she stepped it up a notch, she managed to be boring and horrible, wow. Randy thought it was just an okay version of the song. Paula even had a rough time commenting on the performance, it was just that bad. Simon hit the nail on the head when he said the song was too big for her voice and it was painful to listen to.

To no one's surprise Kellie Pickler chose a country song, one called "Suds in The Bucket" by Sarah Evans to be exact. To say the least I was unwhelmed. It actually saddens me that this girl can't even pull off a song in her chosen genre. She's definately no Sarah Evans. The performance was so bad that even Debbie Gibson hated it. Randy didn't think the song was exciting enough for her voice. Paula said that she's way better than that song. Simon also hated the song and went on about the song so not to have to trash the awful performance. I just have to say to the judges; it's not the song.

Ace Young loves the band Train so he decided to perform thier hit "Drops of Jupiter." I couldn't have been any more cheesy and disturbing, it almost brought me to tears it was so bad. The actions with the hair and the scar were just gross and uncalled for. The vocals were an absolute train wreck, no pun intended. The best part of the performance was actually seeing Rachel Stevens in the audience afterwards. Randy said the song choice was completely wrong and he didn't even sing it well. Paula apparently couldn't find the words to tell him he was horrible so she just gushed, as usual. Simon thought the vocal was very kareoke.

"Trouble" was Taylor Hicks choice this week to show off a more subdued Taylor. To be honest I quite enjoyed the more subdued Taylor. In the past his spazzy moments and jumping around have distracted me from his vocals. This week his vocals were awesome and it was really nice to see him just standing there, singing it. It wasn't Taylor's best performance but it was the best thing to hit the stage at that point. Randy was dissapointed by the song choice. Paula also loved that he just sang it. Simon quite liked it aside from the Aikenesque styling.

Mandisa chose a song by Mary Mary called "Shackles (Praise You)" to sing this week, since she sings it all the time in church. I own the album the song is off of and I think if Mandisa wanted to do the Christian R&B thing there are other songs she could have chosen that would have come off better. In spite of that Mandisa can sing and it was a good performance. I didn't think it was the best vocal Mandisa could have brought but she had the passion in the performance. Randy didn't like the song choice. Paula said there's a new religion and people are going to join the church of Mandisa. Simon felt it was indulgent simply implying that he doesn't get Christian music.

Chris Daughtry decided to go with Creed's "What If", which I'm sure shocked everyone in America considering it's a rock song and all. First off I think Creed is an awful band and found the choice to be totally bizzarre. If he was going to go with a Creed song there are definately better songs to showcase your vocals on. Everything about the performance was just too much. There was too much screaming for my liking. The vocals weren't even spot on, it was just bad. Chris still hasn't stepped out of the box I like to call a comfort zone. Please man, show some versatility just once. Randy said it wasn't his best vocal. Paula made a lame reference to Chris' song that didn't even make sense and then said she's his biggest fan or something. Simon thought he crossed a line and needs to show a different side of himself. Just a note to Chris, Kevin left last week, we don't need you to replace him as the one that back talks the judges.

Katharine McPhee is a huge Christina Aguleria fan so she chose Christina's "The Voice Within" to show off her voice. I was relieved when Katharine came on and my ears were as well, they'd had enough blood pouring out of them for one night. I liked the performance because Katharine can obviously sing but I did have a bit of an issue with the song choice. When you sing a Christina song you have to sing it absolutely flawless to even be considered anywhere near great. The vocal was good but it wasn't flawless and will most likely look not so great in comparision to Christina. Other than that I thought it was one of the best performances of the night. Randy is one of her biggest fans but felt she didn't bring anything new to the song. Paula wouldn't have changed a thing about the performance and she thought Christina would be proud. Simon thought it was the best so far and almost as good as Christina.

Bucky Covington brought us some more country with Tim McGraw's "Real Good Man" a song Bucky just really likes. I personally love when Bucky sings country, he just always sounds good. He's in his element and you can tell he loves being on that stage in his cowboy hat and boots singing a song he loves. I loved that not only did he do a country song but he took on Tim McGraw, good on him for sure. On a side note, cowboys are hot, I loved the hat. Randy thought it was the right kind of song. Paula of all people commented on Bucky's diction. Simon thought it was just okay, once again showing that he doesn't get country music, making his pimping of Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler all that more bizzarre.

Paris Bennett decided to take on Beyonce and sing her hit "Work It Out." The vocals were some of the best of the night but I can't say I loved the performance. There was something about it that was just bothersome. She tried to be young but somehow I don't think the song was written for a 16 year old. Still one of the best of the night. Randy deemed it a hot one. Paula said the Pussy Cat Dolls would be calling her soon. Simon thought it was too precocious and I had to agree.

Elliott Yamin wanted to do Gavin DeGraw's "I Don't Wanna Be" even though Bo did it last year, he wanted to do it differently. I personally love Gavin, love the song, loved Bo's version and adding to the list, I loved what Elliott did with it too. Elliott has that something you just have to love. He definately did the song justice. Randy said it was another hot one. Paula loved it and thought he made it his own. Awful dance moves aside Simon liked it and thought the vocal was awesome. 

Best: Elliott, Katharine & Taylor
Worst: Lisa, Ace and Kellie 
Eliminated: Lisa

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